Civilian Framework

We wanted a small, fast, elegant and complete framework to write web applications,
– so we created Civilian.

Civilian is a server-side framework to develop web applications. It is written in Java (7+) and runs in any servlet (3.0+) container. It is published as open source and free to use.

Civilian does not teach you how to implement your data back-end. And it does not restrict your client design in terms of HTML layout, CSS rules, JavaScript code, Ajax conversations and data representation. It just helps to build a bridge between these ends.

It supports development of traditional round trip applications but also serves single-page apps based on client-side MVC/MVVM JavaScript frameworks. With all the recent advances shown in JavaScript frameworks, we still value the virtues of a robust and efficient server application. For that Civilian offers solid support for RESTful resource dispatch and routing, clean URL design, handling of assets, server-side templates, linking, form processing, localization, security and a supercharged development mode.